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Instant communication for business & public safety

Fleettalk advantages for school safety:

  • EMERGENCY ALL CALL - Call everyone in your organization at one time and have police monitor emergency traffic

  • Expandable in-building coverage

  • Little or no infrastructure cost

  • Secure Communication

  • Low equipment cost

  • Long equipment life

  • 6.25 banding 2020 narrow band compliant

  • Customized programming

  • Panic button/silent alarm opens mic

  • GPS locating available.

  • 1000 plus channel radio

  • One radio, one program for all schools in the district.  Makes training and distribution easy

Fleettalk advantages for transportation:

  • Huge coverage area

  • Multiple site redundancy

  • GPS Location available

  • Track and communicate with activity buses all over the state

  • Dispatch buses from multiple locations

  • Know where your activity buses are and better estimate when they will arrive or depart

  • Link to school bus radios for emergency communications

  • Caller ID - Know who is calling​

  • Special school pricing

'Have you ever tried to manage a scene with a cell phone?' 

Kevin Wren, Director of Security and Environmental Management for the Rock Hill, S.C., School District, sums up value of Fleetalk's two-way communications solutions with that one simple question. He understands the vital role of communication in keeping students and faculty safe while coordinating with public safety and keeping parents and the community informed. He lives the challenge every day. More than ever, schools face security concerns, whether it's crowd control at a high school football game, coordinating a fire drill or dealing with an armed intruder on campus. When seconds count, Fleettalk provides instant, clear, reliable communication. We can help you protect your students and faculty while on campus or on the road. Contact your local dealer today for a comprehensive presentation of Fleettalk's technology and service advantages.

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for school system communication and safety!

Kevin Wren Director of Security and Environmental Management, Rock Hill School District

"Have you ever tried to manage a scene with a cell phone?."

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