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Instant communication for business & public safety

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Fleettalk advantages for theme parks:

  • Multiple groups - as many as you need

  • Dispatch and ALL CALL without an expensive console

  • Emergency button with open mic for distressed employee

  • ALL CALL informs all employees in case of emergency

  • Digital encrypted communications for security

  • Wide area coverage/communicate off campus

  • Long lasting equipment made for abuse

  • Multi-site for redundancy

Fleettalk can help keep your park or venue running smoothly and safely

Those who manage and work at theme parks and entertainment venues know it's a lot more than just fun and games. Children get lost, rides break, crowds can get out of control and accidents happen. To keep things running smoothly, you need to stay in constant touch with management, ticket booths, security, concessions, maintenance and even local authorities. Fleettalk can help you get your team in the right place at the right time to keep your guests safe and secure. We can even develop systems and coverage plans for any travel/tourism business such as hotels, golf courses, theaters, nightclubs and many more. Contact your local dealer today for a comprehensive presentation of Fleettalk's technology and service advantages.​

theme parks & venues. keep your guests happy and safe.