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Fleettalk Mobile Radio Communications Service

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james inman Bessemer City manager

"As a former full-time police officer and now a City Manager, the radio system was first converted here for the police department approximately three years ago to the digital system. We were so happy with it that we subsequently converted the entire radio system to the digital system. It has been very reliable for us. It gives us the reliability of the 800 mhz without the cost. As a City Manager, I’m concerned about reliability and cost, and this system does both."

Brian Mcmanus hoopaugh grading company, inc.

“I have got to have better communications on my job sites. I’ve got sites that cover 1,500 acres or more. We’ve got a water truck dropping water on the wrong side of the job site while the superintendent is trying to call him on a cell phone that goes straight to voice mail. I’m losing money with cell phones; it’s not working and it’s not safe. Fleettalk is the answer. We have different groups for every job site and the superintendents and management can all talk using a private call feature. We also have the ability to do an 'All Call' in case of an emergency like an approaching storm. It’s really a great product that’s helped us improve our job site communications.” 

Alan Glickman Manager, Corporate Security- Communications

"Always responsive. Always dependable. Always on top of their game. A great crew. Trustworthy and up to date with the latest technology. In my 40+ years on the emergency response side of the radios, by far the best radio communication company I've ever dealt with."

Kevin Wren Director of Security and Environmental Management, Rock Hill School District

"Have you ever tried to manage a scene with a cell phone?"

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Andrew S. Underwood Psap Manager

City of Kings Mountain

"The NexEdge System in the 450Mhz band at 6.25Khz. gives us better coverage on a single site at 250 feet and 300 watts ERP than the 800Mhz. system that has 3 sites at 400 feet. There were some other advantages as well. First, there just wasn’t sufficient 800 spectrum available being this close to Charlotte. Second, the availability of spectrum and the cost of the infrastructure in the 450 Mhz. band allowed us to acquire enough spectrum and equipment to build out a system that should carry us the next 15 to 20 years without having to add additional repeaters."

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Captain Jerry Tessneer 

City of Kings Mountain Police Department

"I can stand on my front porch 23 miles away in Lincolnton, North Carolina, and talk back to Kings Mountain dispatch. And I love the fact that they can’t get a scanner that will pick up the low band. That’s real good. I like that. "

Chief Frank Burns

Kings Mountain Fire Dept.

"I guess some of the big advantages that we found out is communications. We actually have no dead spots inside the city. We’ve got so many channels we can choose from when we’re out here training, doing exercise. When you swap over to different channels and not interfere with anything else. And on a fire scene we can break our divisions up and have every division on a separate channel and have one person monitoring all those channels so we can communicate and it not disturb the internal fire tax. "

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