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Police, fire and rescue departments rely on Fleettalk advantages

Public safety departments simply cannot take chances when lives are on the line, including your officers, firefighters and members of the general public. That's why police and fire chiefs, county sheriffs and city managers throughout the southeast rely on Fleettalk's expertise,  state-of-the-art NEXEDGE® technology and outstanding service. But rather than us telling you about our crystal clear advantages, we'd like you to hear firsthand from fellow public safety officials.

Click Play below to hear Chief Melvin Proctor of the City of Kings Mountain, N.C.

Click here for even more Public Safety official references and audio TESTIMONIALS

Chief Melvin Proctor Kings Mountain Chief of Police on the advantages of fleettalk's NEXEDGE® technology

"there was no comparison ... clear, clear, clear."

Fleettalk's state-of-the-art NX-5000:

  • EMERGENCY ALL CALL to instantly call all radios
  • GPS location
  • Tie in with dispatch consoles
  • Most durable equipment on the market
  • Multi-state wide coverage
  • Inexpensive radio options for local schools, and other municipal groups such as water/sewer and power companies for unprecedented actual interoperability that the city, state, and county can afford
  • Low-price service contracts
  • 24/7 technical service
  • No expensive infrastructure to buy
  • No expensive updates
  • ON CALL Channel/ Paging alert


public safety. helping First Responders save time, money and lives.

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