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Instant communication for business & public safety

Fleettalk advantages for manufacturing:

  • Multiple groups - as many as you need

  • Dispatch and ALL CALL without an expensive console

  • Emergency button with open mic for distressed employee

  • ALL CALL informs all employees in case of emergency

  • Digital encrypted communications for security

  • Wide area coverage/communicate off campus

  • Long lasting equipment made for abuse

  • Multi-site for redundancy

industrial & manufacturing. improve productivity and more.

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Keep things running smoothly with advanced Fleettalk technology

Modern manufacturing and industrial environments face unique communication challenges. To keep things running smoothly, you need a smooth flow of communication between management, production, quality control, engineering, materials handling and other departments through all production stages. Rely on Fleettalk technology for clear, reliable, instant communication. In fact, our handheld mobile radios and trunked digital systems and networks provide excellent voice and data performance over large coverage areas, even in the most difficult environments. Your local Fleettalk dealer can tour your facility, assess your company's unique needs and develop a cost-effective product/service communication plan to achieve your business goals.