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• Multi-protocol digital radio: Designed to
operate NXDN, and FM analog protocols
• NXDN® Conventional and Type-C & Gen2
• Mixed Digital & FM Analog Operation allows
gradual migration at your own pace
• 4-Line Basic Frame (2-Line Main/Sub-LCD, icon &
key guide) / 14 Characters
• 4-Line Text Message Frame (2 Lines of Text, icon
& key guide) Note: The number of lines may
vary depending on the display language
(character set).
• 7-color LED indicator
• External and Internal Speaker Switching
• Built-In GPS Receiver for effective
fleet management
• Built-in Bluetooth® for hands-free operation -
Applicable Bluetooth profiles: HSP (Headset Profile
provided) and SPP (Serial Port Profile available as an
option; availability depends on the model)
• Renowned KENWOOD Audio Quality can be
achieved with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) that
utilizes built-in DSP
• Software DES and AES Encryptions for
NXDN Conventional/Trunking *OPTIONAL
• MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G

NX-3000 Portables

Full Keypad

KCH-21R Covert HHCH for
the 5000 Mobiles

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RUGGED Equipment. rugged state-of-the-art solutions. 

• Multi-Protocol operation in P25 (Phase I&II),
NXDN® protocols
• Mixed Digital & FM Analog Operation allows
intelligent migration in mixed sites and easy
migration with digital radios in other sites
• Large, Color 2.55" (154 x 422 pixels) TFT Display
for at-a-glance operational status checking
• Easy to follow GUI and Multi-line Text to convey
more information
• Dual Remote Control Head Option and
Multi-Band (Multi RF Deck) Control Option
providing scalable configurations for various
operations and applications
• Built-In GPS Receiver/Antenna for effective
fleet management
• Built-in Bluetooth® Module
• Active Noise Reduction (ANR) utilizing built-in
DSP for suppression of ambient noise
• Renowned KENWOOD Digital Audio Quality
• Built-in 56-bit DES Encryption
• Optional 256-bit AES Encryption
• microSD/microSDHC Memory Card Slot for
increased memory capacity for “Voice & Data”
• IP54/55 and MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G

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NX-5000 Series​ with options shown