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“I have got to have better communications on my job sites. I’ve got sites that cover 1500 acres or more. We’ve got a water truck dropping water on the wrong side of the job site while the superintendent is trying to call him on a cell phone that goes straight to voice mail. I’m losing money with cell phones; it’s not working and it’s not safe. Fleettalk is the answer. We have different groups for every job site and the superintendents and management can all talk using a private call feature. We also have the ability to do an 'All Call' in case of an emergency like an approaching storm. It’s really a great product that’s helped us improve our job site communications.” 

construction and grading. improve communications and safety.

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Fleettalk advantages for construction sites:

  • Improve jobsite communications

  • Improve production and minimize distractions by eliminating cell phones (emails, text, and unnecessary phone calls while operating heavy equipment)

  • Lower cost - cellphones are expensive

  • Hear what's going on in the field

  • Optional GPS tracking

  • Long-life equipment, built for rough use

  • Instant communications

  • Direct dial/private call/group call/all call at the push of a button

  • Continuous coverage - no channel changing

  • Caller ID

  • Manage multiple sites from one location

  • DOT compliant

OSHa worker safety series: Construction, OSHA Pocket Guide, Occupational Safety and Health Administration

"The fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher

than the national average in this category for all industries."

Improve production, minimize distractions and enhance worker safety

A busy jobsite swarming with heavy equipment creates tremendous communication challenges and serious safety concerns. Each year, thousands of workers are injured and sadly, hundreds die in fatal accidents. Fleettalk's technology, durability and reliability can help you improve productivity and reduce the risk of injury. Ask your local dealer for a demonstration of how our products are tailor made for noisy, dusty, dangerous environments. Click the links below for construction safety tips.

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Instant communication for business & public safety